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Got a question about your cats health or behaviour? Ask here for advice from other cat owners and pet experts. If you are seriously concerned about your pet's health you should always visit your own vet in the first instance.

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Kayleigh G
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how can mummy stop my gulping my food down

i don't have worms and mum feeds me meat and meal times and dry food during the day so ' never really get hungry and I'm a big boy at a year and a half i'm about as tall as a staffie but about 4 times a week i gulp my dinner down soooo fast I'm sick after ?

Stacey B
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My kittly Lou keeps eating plastic!!!

one of my kitties Louis keeps eating plastic, ie. Loo roll wrappers, carrier bags, bread wrappers...And I find it in his poop! I don't know why he does this, and no matter how much I try and hide it or get rid of it, he finds more, even digging out of the bin! Is there a reason he does this? Please help! Thanks, stacey and Louis

angela B
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my cat Biddy has been on felimazole tabs about 4 years now, levels 17,

occasionally low b12 levels. inj course of these. she has had abit of weight loss, noticed her 'pooh abit pale' this happened to my other thyroid cat, is there a connection with long term use of felimazole tabs? situation never resolved with my oter cat and dont want same thing happening again
regards Angela

Lyn G
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Why is my cat taking his hatred of kittens out on me?

I have 2 cats and one of them has recently had kittens. The moment the kittens arrived, the behaviour of my male cat (Frankie) changed completely. Even though the kittens were locked away in my bedroom for the first few weeks, Frankie refused to come home for more than a few minutes at a time and when he does, he growls, hisses, spits and attacks me. The kittens are now 6 weeks old and Frankie's behaviour doesn't seem to be improving at all.

lesley A
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Herbie is a 4 years old house cat. He has been sick a couple of times this week - just water, froth and hair. He is otherwise fine and is eating and drinking and is groomed regularly. Is this something I should be concerned about as it has never happened before?

Elaine W
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why is our cat meowing to go out

our cat is an indoor cat but lately after he has eaten his food whether it be breakfast or tea he sits and the front door and meows,we live in a flat so we have been letting him out so he is just wandering the passage he has a good sniff around and then comes back in,is there any reason why he has started doing this,its only been about a month that he has been doing it.

tina C
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My cat keeps losing his fur :-(

My 4 year old tom gets a few bald patches after a couple of trips outside. The vet said he has sensitive skin and gave him some steroid treatment. It has happened again but I cant keep affording the £50 to take him to the vets if this is going to be an ongoing thing :-( has anybody experienced this and is there any natuaral remedies I can give him or anything i can do it doesnt seem to irritate him and there are no scabs just bald patches poor love

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Emma W
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My 13 month old male ragdoll seems a little skinny. He weighs 9lb 12oz. He comes from big parents so i was expecting him to be a little larger by now When he is sitting if i run my finger down his back i can feel his spine. i can't feel ribs though. I have de flead and de wormed. If he is a little skinny how do i improve this without fattening up my other 13 month oldjkitten? He is the dominent one around the food so he isn't missing out! They are both fedd on Iams and Purina dry foods.

Melissa C
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Weaning my cat off a sensitivity diet!

I have recently adopted a lovely cat called Pollyanna from the Cats Protection. Shes around 8 months old and didnt have the best start in life, this has made her have a sensitive tum we are currently feeding her special vet food (which does cost a fortune but we will happily feed it her forever if thats what she needs.) We would however, like to try her with some normal cat food, the vet has given us the ok and we would of course introduce this slowly. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? What food should we try her on? Any tips you can give etc?