About Us

Park Bench and Scratching Post are places to visit with dogs and cats in mind. We are backed by an experienced veterinary company, and know that high quality pet health information is essential. We also know from you that sharing the highs & lows of bringing is an important part of enjoying pet ownership. We have brought this to you in one place on the web – its PetNet360 or come in through Park Bench and Scratching Post on facebook. The team here want you to have fun bringing up your cats & dogs to enjoy their good health, and we would love to share that with you.

Our customer promise:

• We encourage a healthy exchange of views amongst our community members in the Park Bench & Scratching Post areas of the site
• To protect you, we will not tolerate disrespect and will reserve the right to remove posts if members are aggressive
• We will invite professional experts in each area to bring their opinions for members to benefit from, or to ask direct questions to in live sessions
• We have the best interest of members in mind and will moderate the community, but if you see something you don t like then please do let us know via the report button
• We will not make our mailing list public or to 3rd parties unless you have given specific permission